Buy Local: Christmas Presents Ideas

There’s no need to emphasise on the idea that it has been a crazy year. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, we now look back and realise that we have managed to successfully end our year. As a small local brand, we survived without compromising the quality of our products. 

In 2020 we have launched 2 collections: the spring-summer “Under the sea” collection and the autumn-winter “French Girl” collection, for both using high quality fabrics, without exception.

But here we are, at the end of 2020, happy that we have succeeded to bring joy with our timeless pieces.

In time of crisis is hard to be a small local brand. The support of the community is mandatory in order to survive. Thus, we’re more than grateful to be surrounded by very supportive clients, who came back in our showroom during this year. Thank you for that!

Local Christmas Presents

Every one of us is now searching for the perfect Christmas present. Giving the context, we would like to suggest you to think about the possibility to buy local presents for your loved ones this year. In this way, you’ll support Romanian brands while your presents will have more personality and authenticity. 

Here’s our local brands LIST, maybe you’ll find something inspiring. 


  1. Undress
  2. Monocult
  3. Of Simple Stories
  4. Ioana Ciolacu
  5. Ie de Maramu’


  1. Madalina Andronic
  2. Josephine
  3. Pălăria Dădârlat
  4. Maestoso

Home & Deco

  1. I’m cotton you
  2. Livrez Dragoste
  3. Atelier Foliage
  4. Email de Sighișoara
  5. Cup and Candle


  1. Atelier Otilia Scutaru
  2. Ralu Land
  3. Micul Haos


  1. Panseea
  2. Nuca Organic
  3. Fain Natural
  4. Skin Novels


  1. DoR 
  2. Rockha
  3. I wood be
  4. Cristina Frei


  1. Prăvălia Idicel
  2. Bio Market
  3. Pain Plaisir

Happy giving everyone! May you have a magical Christmas! 🎄

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