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  • Marie Nouvelle Chemistry Studio The 6 gifts with the most chemistry The 6 gifts with the most chemistry

    It’s that time of the year again - where you don’t need to shower your loved ones with countless gifts, but rather show your appreciation with one that counts. We think chemistry with a certain thoughtful gift is crucial in moments like these, so we put together a list of 6 items made in Romania [...] Continue Reading
  • An easy and fashionable colour guide – part 1

    Let’s be real: most of us choose to go for the eternal basics in the morning, when nothing seems to go well with anything. Black, grey, beige and white - and maybe one or two shy accessories to save the day, but we completely ignore bright, bold and unusual colours because we secretly fear to [...] Continue Reading
  • 8 trends for Autumn-Winter 2018 and how to wear them

    Fashion should always be about making women feel good - in their clothes and in their own skin. “Empowering” is the key word of this season and the resulting collections are a series of beautifully balanced takes on what women would actually want to wear. Looking either loud and shiny, or calm with a retro [...] Continue Reading
  • Long Oversized Wool Coat 10 Tips for Shining in an Oversized Coat

    This is no longer a fashion novelty nowadays, but when it comes to oversized clothes, many women tend to associate this trend with the way their parents used to dress them during childhood: clothes that were to big for them, either "inherited" from brothers or other members of the family, or new but knowingly bought [...] Continue Reading
  • Sweater weather Sweater Weather

    How many of us aren’t keeping in their mind and soul, in a very special place, the memories tied to their grandparents, their home, the holidays spent there without any care - maybe only that they will end too soon? Of all the priceless memories that revolve around these almost magical characters, there is a [...] Continue Reading
  • Flat shoes revolution

    An old Romanian saw says that beauty implies suffering. Otherwise, this is something universally valid if we take a look at the history of fashion and beauty rituals. Over time, women have subjected themselves and continue to willingly submit to many "torture tools" (we have spent some time thinking whether or not to use quotes). [...] Continue Reading
  • chemistry ss17 24/7 24/7. Your Spring-Summer Wardrobe.

    Every year we look forward to the changing of the season with the thought of renewing our wardrobe. We have a broad smile on our faces imagining ourselves in shops, looking for the perfect outfits, or in our dressing from home, arranging the freshly bought clothes. But not all the stages of such an activity [...] Continue Reading
  • Cotton Midi Skirt Ruffled Cotton Top How to wear ruffles

    With grace and attitude, first of all! And if you think you should follow some strict rules, not the case anymore. The latest fashion tendencies show us that we are allowed to play with the colors (matching the purse with the shoes is so last century!), the textures and even the cuts that are usually […]

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  • Stylish Jumpsuit Stylish in a Jumpsuit

    During the hot summer days, you need to wear a fun versatile clothing piece that you can easily dress.  So…why not to choose a jumpsuit? You can wear it with confidence anytime you desire and you will look effortlessly cool. When it comes to jumpsuits, you have a lot of options to choose from just […]

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  • Palazzo pants comfortable stylish Comfortable Palazzo Pants

    Palazzo pants are very trendy during this season, being very elegant and comfortable at the same time.  Inspired by the men’s fashion, they were very popular back in the 60’s and 70’s.  From the catwalk to the street fashion, you can find them in a wide range of combinations. You see them at the office, […]

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