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  • Buy Local: Christmas Present Ideas Buy Local: Christmas Presents Ideas

    There’s no need to emphasise on the idea that it has been a crazy year. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, we now look back and realise that we have managed to successfully end our year. As a small local brand, we survived without compromising the quality of our products.  In 2020 we have […]

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  • French Girl Chemistry Collection French Girl – AW 20/21 Collection

    We truly believe that beauty begins the moment you decide to let go whatever is not yours and start to be yourself by living with responsibility for every decision you take, from what you wear to who you spend your time with. As you already know, here at Chemistry we like simple pieces, with a […]

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  • Under The Sea – The Spring-Summer 2020 Chemistry Collection

    Even if 2020 was a very atypical year, that doesn’t mean that we can’t dream about being under the sea and swimming through the colors of the underwaters. Therefore, we are very excited to finally invite you to follow us on a trip to the most beautiful beach you could ever imagine. Close your eyes, […]

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  • Iuliana Asoltanei Chemistry Five Stories about Iuliana Asoltanei

    Short Biography of a Jewelry Designer… I‘ve always loved jewelry and accessories. I remember fondly of my mom’s pearls or my grandmother’s brooches and how I used to manufacture my own necklaces out of seeds, shells or my dad’s fishing bait. From this attraction the next step was the Fine art University of Iasi – [...] Continue Reading
  • 8 idei de cadouri de Craciun 8 gift ideas for Christmas

    To give is the most beautiful thing you can do for your loved ones. And even if you don’t need a special reason for it, there are certain occasions where "giving" becomes an organized activity, and the shopping fever - a contagious "affection". Does it sound familiar to you? How many days are up to [...] Continue Reading
  • Sweater weather Sweater Weather

    How many of us aren’t keeping in their mind and soul, in a very special place, the memories tied to their grandparents, their home, the holidays spent there without any care - maybe only that they will end too soon? Of all the priceless memories that revolve around these almost magical characters, there is a [...] Continue Reading
  • Chemistry Studio Duality – a game of contrasts

    It's hard to define your style but it's harder to stay faithful to it in times when trends assault us from all directions season after season - on television, on the internet, on the streets, in showcases. Trends are changing at high speed, some are successful, others are not. But what will always remain behind [...] Continue Reading
  • Maria Burachu Woodish Five Stories About Maria Burachu

    Maria Burachu creates wood items that look and feel amazing. With a background in photography, she started woodcrafting in 2012 and with the family help, her brand - Woodish - was launched. You can find more about her creative universe on her website Short Biography of a Product Designer This Product Designer never knew she [...] Continue Reading
  • Fashion teaching illustration Five Stories About Ioana Avram

    Ioana Avram is a Bucharest based Fashion Illustrator, who also has more than a decade of teaching fashion design and fashion illustration to students globally. She is the author of the site and Youtube channel "Fashion Teaching". You can visit her website of online classes here and her Youtube channel here. So if you want [...] Continue Reading