Christmas Outfit Ideas for a Homey Celebration

We don’t know about you, but we have already started to celebrate Christmas in our showroom. After all, we do have the most beautiful Christmas decorations made by No No No. Plus, we’re working hard as Santa’s elves the night before X-mas. 

Buuut, we have to admit, we’re dreaming about the most magical day of the year, about spending time with our family and eating all king of sweets, cookies and cakes, without exception! 

We were thinking about the Christmas day and we came to the realization that even if we’ll spend it at home, that doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to feel pretty by wearing a beautiful Christmas outfit. Au contraire, we truly believe that we should prepare ourselves a nice, elegant, but comfortable outfit and have a proper holiday celebration. 

We may have some Christmas outfit ideas that we would like to share with you. Here’s what we’re thinking about:

Christmas outfit idea 1: Red all the way

Red is the Christmas’s colour so it would be a perfect choice for your outfit too. Besides, red is starring in our French Girl AW collection so we may have some pieces you’ll fall in love with.

You can choose to wear a red cotton midi dress or to match a red skirt with a white top. Here’s some suggestions for a Christmas red outfit:

Christmas outfit idea 2: The redesigned X-mas sweater

Ah, the famous Christmas sweater. We hate it and we love it at the same time. It’s something in it that makes we want to wear it every year. But enough with the mixed feelings because this year, the concept of the Christmas sweater was redesigned. 

As you probably already know, at Chemistry all our sweaters are hand-knitted by Vali, made from 100% Peruvian high-quality wool. The quality of the wool it’s very important to us because it creates that fluffy and comfy sensation every time you wear a Chemistry signature sweater.

Photo by @mugurdezof | Model wearing the Oversized Wool Sweater

Back to the Christmas outfit, our sweaters can be easily matched with a comfortable pair of jeans or even a skirt or a dress underneath, it depends on your style. Plus, all Chemistry sweaters could be a very nice Christmas gift and we guarantee the smile on the faces of the ones you love most. 

Christmas outfit idea 3: A wool dress

The wool dress is a centrepiece of our French Girl AW collection. We consider the wool fabric to be a good choice for cold season, it is unpretentious, easy to be cleaned and very wormy. So, the wool dress could not be missed from the list of our suggestions for Christmas outfits.

If you like our suggestions Christmas outfit ideas, it’s important to know that you can make an online order with the promise that you’ll receive by Christmas. 

Showroom Private Sale: X-mas Edition

We would like to remind you about our Showroom Private Sale: Christmas Edition. The event will take place on 18th-19th-20th of December in our studio. Make an appointment at 0746 274 040 and come to try on some all these Christmas outfits. Santa have already left you a present in our studio: 20% discount for any piece you would like to buy in showroom. Make sure you’ll not miss it! 🎁

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