Hand-knitted Wool Sweaters: How to Stay Comfy in Cold Weather

Hello, sunny yet cold autumn days, you’ve been missed! 🍂

Besides the beautiful colours and the smell of the apple pie coming from the oven, what we love most about these autumnal days is having the chance to snuggle up in one of our favourites hand-knitted wool sweater

If you love autumn days as much as we do, get ready for some oversized full of colour handmaid sweaters that will keep you warm and yet in style. 

So, let’s get cosy!

As you probably know already, all our Chemistry sweaters are hand-knitted inhouse. What you probably don’t know is that they are hand-knitted with passion by our beloved Vali, also known as Vera’s sister. 

Every sweater you’ll find in our online shop is made of 100% soft wool by an original Chemistry design. Oversized might be our favourite kind of sweater, but we have also included in our collection turtleneck sweaters, cardigans and sweater dresses. Take a look.

1. Oversized Sweaters

Oversized has been a quintessential autumn pattern in the past years and it’s not going away any time soon. You can wear a large sweater with jeans and a pair of chunky biker boots and there you are, ready for a day spent in the park with your loved ones.  

2. Turtleneck Sweaters

Is there any other type of sweater comfier than the turtlenecked one? We don’t think so. By far, this is our favourite piece of fashion to wear during cold weather. You can fall for the pink one, in contrast with everything else, or you can choose a more autumnal colour. Let us know which one you prefer!

3. Cardigans

What we love most about cardigans is the fact that they are a very versatile piece of fashion. It could be paired with jeans or a skirt and a T-shirt underneath. Or maybe matched with a midi dress and high heel boots? Hard to choose. 

4. Sweater Dress

We very much like to say about this sweater dress that is more like a statement piece of fashion. So, whenever you feel like being in the spotlights in the cold weather, choose this one and add an over the knee pair of boots. The catwalk will be all yours!

5. Crew Neck Sweaters

You can’t go wrong with a classic crew neck sweater neither. Paired with a skirt, black jeans or your favourite trousers, this outfit could be the perfect fall look. 

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