chemistry ss17 24/7


Whatever the circumstances, all women want to shine in the clothes they wear. But just as important as the look is the way we feel wearing them. These are the two insights from which we started to create the new Chemistry collection, 24/7 – a seemingly eclectic collection but whose unity comes from the desire to offer modern women adequate outfits for each moment of the day.

Natural fabrics and relaxed air are the leit-motif of this collection, whether we speak about office, casual or holiday outfits. The chromatic range varies depending on their destination: neutral black and gray tones for office mornings, vibrant colors and playful prints for the afternoons in the city, ivory for sunny days by the sea.

The 24/7 collection highlights the fragility and playfulness but also the strength and sobriety that define the Chemistry woman – a woman who is not interested in trends but who stays true to her own ideas about elegance and femininity, with various tastes regarding her apparel but with an obvious disposition to easy-to-wear clothes, at the same time simple and sophisticated.