…visit a city, rumble the streets, enjoy the sun, eat ice cream, eat pizza, wear a lovely dress, feel beautiful, enjoy life! Do what you love! Forget about all the chaos in the world – at least for a few minutes. This is an invitation to a dreamy state of mind. 

DREAMY ESCAPE tells a story about sophisticated simplicity, with silhouettes from the 40’s. Inspired by the vibrant tropical flora and fauna, the focus is on accents: bold colors and prints, fabric buttons, exagerated sleeves, eye-catching collars, playful ruffles or belts. 

The dreamy atmosphere is established through volumes and textures that create the perfect balance between comfort, classy elegance and spontaneous lightness, along with patterns of beige panthers and green leafs, orange papayas and pink eucalyptus flowers custom made for Chemistry by the illustrator Madalina Andronic. 

The color palette fosters a sense of freedom, serenity and well-being. It moves from relaxing tones of beige, to endless shades of white, before ending on colorful strokes of green, pink, yellow and blue that brighten up the items in the collection and recall the atmosphere of nature.

So get ready for a DREAMY ESCAPE! You will look ravishing wherever your next destination takes you.