Sweater weather


is a constant of our existence. In philosophy and theology there are many theories that explain phenomena in terms of two distinct and irreducible principles: matter vs. form, good vs. evil. In fashion, duality has a less profound connotation and can be explained itself by opposition to other terms – “monotony”, “uniformity”, “conventionalism”.

Fragility and strength, playful spirit and sobriety coexist in the Chemistry woman, sympathizer of the classical style sprinkled with nonconformism and which, in any circumstance, reveals an elegance lacking monotony. For her, we have created Duality – a collection of garments full of contrasts, both in terms of cuts and colours: two-face coats, two-tone dresses and sweaters, shawl lapel versus wide peak lapel coats.

However, the minimalism specific to Chemistry collections transpires through each piece. The fabrics used are 100% natural – silk and wool – to complement the simple and delicate outfits.