La Dolce Vita

“Ciao, bella! Ti va un gelato?”

This season, Chemistry takes you away on a trip to taste the Italian “la dolce vita”, hidden between the ruffles of cotton dresses with delicious prints, bringing scents and colours to flowy, feminine cuts and pops of sorbet-like colours to paint a complete picture of absolute summer bliss.

As always, the flavour is all in the details: the special ingredients of this collection are delicate olives, juicy pomegranates, hot pepperoncinis and the amazing fichi d’India brought all the way from Puglia by the illustrator Madalina Andronic, who continues the collaboration with Chemistry in creating bespoke fabrics and prints for feminine, playful garments.

Relaxed fits, romantic ruffles, circle dresses, voluptuous sleeves and generous lapels are all ready to embrace bronzed skin and join a Mimosa (or two) by the pool, in the company of a good laugh and a plate of pasta, travelling with you to tiny seaside villages and celebrating the sweet lifestyle of holidays with every wear, all summer long.

Ci vediamo?