• La Dolce Vita – SS 19

    La Dolce Vita "Ciao, bella! Ti va un gelato?” This season, Chemistry takes you away on a trip to taste the Italian “la dolce vita”, hidden between the ruffles of cotton dresses with delicious prints, bringing scents and colours to flowy, feminine cuts and pops of sorbet-like colours to paint a complete picture of absolute [...] Continue Reading
  • serenity – aw 18/19

    SERENITY Every woman wants to be wrapped in warm embraces and showered with loud, heart-felt emotions. Especially in autumn. And especially in the busy days of modern life. This season, Chemistry celebrates the brand's distinctive effortless elegance through contrasting textures and bold colors, creating a sophisticated, clean silhouette with a touch of playfulness. The soft, [...] Continue Reading
  • NOSTALGIA - SS 18 Chemistry Studio Collection nostalgia – ss 18

    NOSTALGIA Look at the garments of the new Chemistry collection and you will instantly realize where its name comes from - the nostalgia of the elegant clothing in the old times is the inspiration for the linear and fluid shapes, the flared cuts with surprising details - oversized ruffles, fabric covered buttons, folds, collars -, [...] Continue Reading
  • Chemistry Studio duality – aw 17/18

    Duality, is a constant of our existence. In philosophy and theology there are many theories that explain phenomena in terms of two distinct and irreducible principles: matter vs. form, good vs. evil. In fashion, duality has a less profound connotation and can be explained itself by opposition to other terms - "monotony", "uniformity", "conventionalism". Fragility [...] Continue Reading
  • chemistry ss17 24/7 24/7 – ss17

    24/7 Whatever the circumstances, all women want to shine in the clothes they wear. But just as important as the look is the way we feel wearing them. These are the two insights from which we started to create the new Chemistry collection, 24/7 – a seemingly eclectic collection but whose unity comes from the [...] Continue Reading
  • Oversized Wool Dress and Oversized Viscose Shirt [Crypto] – aw 16/17

    [Crypto] The Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 collection – [Crypto] – has a complex and surprising life breath – the light and shadow game drawn up in the mushrooms’ leaves, here depicted through folds and pleats and shades of beige, pink, butter, brown and black. The colour palette is naturally heightened with red and orange, specific colours for [...] Continue Reading