Five Stories About Ioana Avram

Ioana Avram is a Bucharest based Fashion Illustrator, who also has more than a decade of teaching fashion design and fashion illustration to students globally. She is the author of the site and Youtube channel “Fashion Teaching”. You can visit her website of online classes here and her Youtube channel here.

So if you want to learn how to draw fashion sketches, definitely you have to meet her. She will teach you everything related to composition, shading, textures, different techniques, fashion anatomy, fashion watercolors, fashion history and much more.

I will let you know Ioana through these stories told by her.

Short Biography of an Illustrator

I draw since ever. My parents say I wasn’t a problematic kid: I just stood for hours and draw all day long. It was enough to show me a new kit of crayons smelling of varnished wood, colored paper and scissors or a couple of chalks to make me the happiest person in the world. I have become so dependent on these tools that I started to draw on the interior walls of the house. Grandpa was coming at us every week to paint the walls, again and again. That was until my folks confiscated my tools. So I found another way to express myself: to use chocolate as a colored pencil, on the walls.


Adventures in the World of Fashion 

Adventures? Each new student is a journey-adventure. I’m glad to see them growing and turned into beautiful colored butterflies. Every success of my students and every message, email or comment by someone that went to college just by following my courses online, YouTube or my site – mean happiness for me. I am very happy to know that in a West-European country teachers advice students to work after my videos, my students have also students of their own now, and my former students are now designers. But all this process it’s a team work. It’s my job to help them by explaining everything I know, reading with them, giving them homework and feed-back. They, in turn, will have to work as much as possible even after leaving my studio.

My Inspiration 

Everything inspires me. Initially you go very close to the fashion/art field to seek inspiration. With time, one can search for unusual sources. I study now smart textiles, macro worlds, tastes and smells, textures, cakes and poems and old chandeliers that inspire me to create new designs.

Fashion teaching illustration
About Fashion Teaching 

I think I have this teaching thing in my blood, because I remember when in my first grade, I took a blackboard and chalks to play alone, imagining I was a teacher. I teach since I was 14 y.o. First, there were the neighbors’ children who came to learn drawing and painting. They were about 5 years old. Then, in high school I started to teach older children and in the last year of study at the art university, I was employed as a teacher at the high school of art. After college I moved to Bucharest where I started to take care of this seriously. At first there were 2-3 students then about 10. I was very excited to see that they were coming from all over the country to study with a view to admission to Bucharest at the University 0f Arts and Design. After that, they attended training for master degree and then for universities around the world. In parallel with that, I started to work on my online fashion course ( and then to my YouTube channel ( In 3 years I had more than 62,000 subscribers and more than 2.6 million views from all around the world.

Fashion teaching illustration
Fashion teaching illustration

Books on the Nightstand 

I have books everywhere I go. There are bedside books, a book next to my bed, on my desk, on the kitchen table, or even in the bathroom and terrace. And magazines too. Fashion, art, history books, old magazines of the 1930s or even older.

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