Five Stories about Iuliana Asoltanei

Short Biography of a Jewelry Designer…

I‘ve always loved jewelry and accessories. I remember fondly of my mom’s pearls or my grandmother’s brooches and how I used to manufacture my own necklaces out of seeds, shells or my dad’s fishing bait.

From this attraction the next step was the Fine art University of Iasi – the Textile Art section.

My artistic endeavors had many meanders to the point I found contemporary jewelry.

I have tried my hand in making prints and theater costumes, then, for 8 years I worked in video games and graphics. In 2007 adornments connected with my everyday life, I began to manufacture, wear and sell my own earrings in a friends shop. Then came two collections for Claudia Castrase, the fashion designer. Slowly my life followed my passion and I concentrated solely on designing and producing contemporary jewelry. Now I own a small workshop/ showroom in Bucuresti, I spread my jewelry in the world through jewelry fairs, designer stores and on line shops.

Iuliana Asoltanei Chemistry
Iuliana Asoltanei Chemistry
Iuliana Asoltanei Chemistry
Adventures in the world of contemporary jewelry design…

One of the most powerful impulses to evolve was the presence at designer and jewelry fairs, and the direct contact with the buyers, because it was and is a great challenge, that’s the moment when problems and solutions appear in the space, things that I never thought I could contain.

Also, the trips in the cities like Iasi, Brasov, Bucuresti, Cluj and Sighisoara were quite exciting.

International and more national destinations will follow…

Iuliana Asoltanei Chemistry
My inspiration

The nature, the environment is an ever fascinating and inspiring resource for me. I adore especially vegetal shapes, whether in their natural state, or the ones that have already been interpreted through work of other artists.

I have to acknowledge the fact that the medium I choose to explore for each collection guides me to the optimum, final formulas of the jewelry.

And not in the least, my lovely clients need for asymmetrical earrings for instance, are starting points for new collections, ruled by asymmetry, in which I investigate and play with new themes.

Iuliana Asoltanei Chemistry
Iuliana Asoltanei Chemistry
About Iuliana Asoltanei, the brand

I strongly believe in the emotional memory of the jewelry, passed down through generations. In their sentimental value, in the comforting familiarity of the ring inherited from your grandmother that you might like to pear with the first earrings your significant other ever gifted you.

I trust that in order to live, the jewelry needs persons to wear them, which is the reason it’s so important for it to be pleasant to the touch, to flow with the movement of the body, to be adequate to it.

I also feel lucky to have the privilege to work with the most precious minerals the Earth has to offer, and translate to matter , to shape the emotion that gives life to the most precious memories.

This is why I launched, to exemplify my work so far, and to make it a starting point for you custom favorite jewel.

Iuliana Asoltanei Chemistry
The nightstand books

Are usually autobiographical or literature ones…

Usually I begin more books at the same time, literature for relaxation and a bit of escape from the everyday routine, albums for inspiration and specialty books for information. I am in the bad habit of gathering information from classic print, more often than from online…

Iuliana Asoltanei Chemistry

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