Five Stories About Maria Burachu

Maria Burachu creates wood items that look and feel amazing. With a background in photography, she started woodcrafting in 2012 and with the family help, her brand – Woodish – was launched.

You can find more about her creative universe on her website

Short Biography of a Product Designer

This Product Designer never knew she will be called just so. Obviously. 🙂

In the early days I was the clown of the gang and that developed into a beautiful relationship with acting.

At the same time I was experimenting photography with a 10 megapixels digital camera shooting spontaneous frames with a parkour boy team.

Receiving a scholarship at the University of Arts, I continued my photography with a classic design Nikkormat camera which helped me create soulful images.

After finishing my studies, I have stopped and mingled a beautiful bouquet of experiences, passions, skills and goals, so I could find my way.

Hello Woodish!

Adventures in Woodcrafting

A continuous, branched adventure I might say.

I started by asking questions of all the people around me.

I met an old ,experienced maker at the University of Arts and Design that helped my produce my first prototypes.

I started buying wood from the boys in the ghetto,, I told stories, talked, asked, received woods as gifts, I bought from the corporations that processed wood, I learned, manufactured my own wood, injured myself, outsourced.

The most important and heart warming aspect of this adventure is planting trees each season in spring and autumn.

My Inspiration

I get a bunch of ideas when I discover a new technology, a tool that works wood in a certain way, a sewing machine that embroiders, a new material or my absurd questions answered with ‘ yes it can be done ‘ .

I continuously follow product design news and am fascinated by materials, wood essences and new design approaches.

Mostly I customize items in my style and search for inspiration within myself.

About Woodish

Woodish is the extention of my soul.

We create small, medium and large wooden items. We insist on finishing the products in a way that’s obviously amazing when you hold them for the first time.

Woodish’s main collection was built so that it facilitates reading and writing .

These objects can be customized based on the client’s desire or they can be created from scratch.

We developed Woodish within the product design territory. All items are manufactured from natural materials that encourage human contact.

Books on the nightstand

The books I hold on my Woodish nightstand 🙂

Usually I go with literature but at the moment I’m into knowing myself better so I simultaneously read:

1. Love – Leo Buscaglia

2. The Mindfulness Solution – Ronald Siegel

3. The Richest Man in Babylon – George Samuel Clason

You must know about this book I finished a few months ago; The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt , which blew my brains of pleasure. It’s a masterpiece in the art of writing literature.

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