French Girl – AW 20/21 Collection

We truly believe that beauty begins the moment you decide to let go whatever is not yours and start to be yourself by living with responsibility for every decision you take, from what you wear to who you spend your time with. As you already know, here at Chemistry we like simple pieces, with a touch of quelque chose brought by every one of you, ladies, in harmony with your personalities.

The story of French Girl Collection

Inspired by la femme française, by her elegance, her determination, her stubbornness, by her passionate, sometimes childish personality, we have created French Girl, the new Chemistry Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 collection. It is a collection made to be suitable for whatever you’re in mood to be this season.

You can definitely be as colourful and funny as Mrs. Maisel in one day and as flighty and eclectic as Annie Hall in another day. Today, for example, you can choose to be a Chloé or a Madeleine or a Gabrielle. Or maybe a Juliette? Whoever or whatever you decide to be, make sure you’ll have all the key fashion pieces you’ll need in your closet during this cold season.

Thus, for this Autumn-Winter season, we set out to defy the times we are living in and create a new timeless collection, in contrast with everything we wish to forget about this year. So, we have chosen to take a look back and create a bridge, une liaison between the fashion statements of the sixties and seventies and our deep need for certainty, safety and the promise that what we love will last forever.

This is a kind of promise that we make to you through our new collection. The natural fabrics of wool, cotton and hemp, and the earthy colours will make you feel closer to nature, to your nature, to everything that’s real to you.

French Girl Chemistry Collection

Without regrets, emphasize your silhouette and personal style by wearing an effortless look. Pick a favourite dress, accessorize it with a pair of shoes, put on a trench coat and get out to embrace the cold days of the season just because. It will be a moment worth to be remembered, we promise!

French Girl Collection Launch Event

We’ve been working for this moment for months now and we’re finally here, able to present you the French Girl Chemistry Collection. Therefore, we’re more than happy to invite you on 6-7-8 of November at our studio (13 Eliza Zamfirescu Leonida Entrance) to celebrate together the launch of our new collection inspired by la femme française.

It will be more like a one-on-one celebration, so be sure to make an appointment in order for us to meet and catch up a bit.

You can reserve your time slot:

☎ at 0746274040

📧 by email, at [email protected]

Or simply DM on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll reply to you with all the details.

And don’t forget to join our Facebook event HERE.

Can’t wait to meet again!

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