How to Transition Summer Dresses into Fall

Don’t put away your summer dresses just yet! We may have some ideas to wear your favourite barely-new-discovered sunny dresses in the cold season.

As the temperatures drops every passing week, we have to admit that we’re not ready to say goodbye to our summer dresses. Are you nodding while thinking how sad must be not to be able to wear your favourite dresses any time soon? Then we may have some good news for you: there are some chic ways to make the dress-layering a powerful fashion statement during cold season. 

Here are some ideas for you to try on.

1. Layer with a hand knitted sweater 

Layer a mini, a midi or a maxi dress with a hand knitted sweater. It will keep you cosy and warm while being outdoor, and you can easily take it off while being indoor. Add a statement pair of earrings like the one made by Madalina Andronic and there you go, ready for spending an autumn day in style. 

2. Add a statement coat

It seems to be like an obvious solution to layer a summer dress with a coat, buuut not if you take in consideration a statement overcoat. Pair one of autumn’s jackets and overcoats with your midi dress, add a nice pair of leather ankle boots and get ready to catwalk.

3. Dress in deeper colours

Don’t be afraid of colours. Autumn it’s all wonderful, spectacular colours. Blend in by wearing red, orange and yellow summer dresses or stand out with some colours inspired by the under the sea life, like ocean blue and coral.

4. Invest in the perfect boots

Boots can easily help make all your summer dresses warmer and more functional. Replace the summer sandals with a nice pair of leather ankle boots or knee-high boots. Consider any one of the following suggestions. 

5. Don’t forget about the tights

Important warning: don’t forget to stock up with high quality tights. Play with patterns, colours and textures and don’t be afraid to free your legs and wear your mini dresses during cold season. 

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