10 Tips for Shining in an Oversized Coat

This is no longer a fashion novelty nowadays, but when it comes to oversized clothes, many women tend to associate this trend with the way their parents used to dress them during childhood: clothes that were to big for them, either “inherited” from brothers or other members of the family, or new but knowingly bought this way, “to fit you next year too.”

In addition to this perception or as a different, independent thought, we often struggle with the preconceived idea that only supermodels with perfect silhouettes are entitled to wear an oversized coat. Well, we’re here to show you the opposite! Regardless of body shape and size, any woman can shine in an oversized coat, provided she follows some style rules which are no rocket science.

  1. Buy the right size

Focus on coats designed to be oversized and not on those a few sizes to big – see what we were writing above 🙂 . The message you are sending when wearing an oversized coat should be that you made a deliberate stylistic choice, not that you threw on the first coat that came across.

If you’re not tall, choose a coat with clean lines, to elongate your frame. A “trick” with guaranteed efficiency is to leave it unbuttoned – the straight line created along the body gives the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

Another aspect that we recommend you pay attention to is the shoulder seam, which should not “fall” more than 5 centimeters from your actual shoulder. This way, your coat will have an oversized appearance without looking too big for your size.

  1. Wear it with a dress in the same shade

If your intention is not to make of the oversized coat the centerpiece of your outfit, but on the contrary, you wish for a whole memorable look, we suggest you wear under your coat a dress in the same shade with it. For a wow effect, choose a bold color! This season, we opt for electric blue.


Double Face Oversized Wool Coat
Double Face Oversized Wool Coat
Double Face Oversized Wool Coat
  1. Style the rest of your look with fitted garments

A pair of skinny jeans or some leggings should be the perfect choice for a casual look. If you want to wear a more elegant outfit, choose a pencil skirt or cigarette pants.

Furthermore, you can play with proportions by combining the oversized coat with a mini skirt or dress. A shorter garment under a longer coat is an elegant way to balance the volume.

  1. … or purposely wear an all-oversized outfit

Indeed, for such an outfit, the ideal is to have a tall&skinny figure. For inspiration, you can take a look here. However, if you do not fit into these standards, but feel like this is your style, do not completely give up on the idea! The following recommendation may inspire you. 🙂

Oversized Wool Sweater, Short Oversized Wool Coat and Cropped Wool Wide Leg Pants

  1. Wear high heels

Wear high heels to elongate your frame. A pair of stilletos, for example, will successfully balance the oversized silhouette of the coat.

  1. Wear structured accessories

Totes with straight lines or small but well-defined purses, even stilettos (and all pointed shoes) have angles that work well with oversized coats. Any of these accessories will give a unique touch to your outfit, showing a developed sense of fashion.

  1. Don’t hide all of your skin

This is not an invitation to indecency – we rather think of twisted sleeves that uncover the wrists and forearms, or a pair of rolled-up pants that draw attention to your ankles. These little “tricks” add femininity to the outfit and give the illusion of a more elongated figure. And if the weather is not on your side, you can always wear some long gloves and some tights.

  1. Go for a bold color and keep the rest of your outfit simple

Even if you choose an oversized coat in a bold color, to be sure it really stands out, pick neutral shades for the rest of your outfit or even a set of garments in the same color – of course, a neutral one. Here you can see a styling idea for a yellow coat. 🙂

Long Oversized Wool Coat
Long Oversized Wool Coat
Long Oversized Wool Coat
  1. Wear it with a belt in the same shade

Give the oversized coat some shape by squeezing the waist. Choose a belt in the same tone so as not to “cut” the outfit. If your figure resembles a clepsydra, this “trick” will graciously accentuate your curves.

  1. Set up a minimal look with masculine accents

Oversized coat in a “serious” color, office trousers, Oxford shoes and a simple hairstyle – combine all these „ingredients” and you will definitely be hard to ignore. Choose a belted coat and wear it tight – for a sophisticated look – or loose – if you want a more relaxed outfit.

Belted Mohair Coat Long Wide Leg Pants
Belted Mohair Coat Long Wide Leg Pants
Belted Mohair Coat

We’ll stop here because the possibilities of styling are endless. We hope, however, that you have “picked up” some useful ideas to put into practice this season and onwards. A last tip, generally valid when it comes to fashion: focus not so much on trends – which are transitory and should be tailored to your preferences – but on your silhouette type and the degree to which an outfit or another represents who you really are.

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