Sweater Weather

How many of us aren’t keeping in their mind and soul, in a very special place, the memories tied to their grandparents, their home, the holidays spent there without any care – maybe only that they will end too soon?

Of all the priceless memories that revolve around these almost magical characters, there is a painting that, with some variations, is familiar to many of us: it’s a cold autumn afternoon, fire is burning in the stove, the wood is crackling, a smell of smoke and linden tea is floating in the air, and in a corner of the room, sitting on a stool, your grandmother is knitting. What? Another sweater for her little niece. The wool skeins are crammed into a basket, the needle is moving restlessly, and step by step, the sweater is taking shape. Another shape, another color, another pattern, unlike the sweaters knitted until then, all for the little girl’s happiness.

Just like the sweaters you used to wear as child, each and every Chemistry sweater is handmade, with a lot of attention even to the smallest detail. Knitted from 100% wool or wool blends, the Chemistry sweaters are fluffy and warm and carry in them that “something” that will surely remind you of the magic time of childhood and of one of the central characters of this stage – your grandmother. Moreover, they are super stylish. What could you ask more from a sweater?

Sweater weather
Sweater weather
Sweater weather

We are waiting for you in our showroom in Bucharest – 13 Intrarea Eliza Zamfirescu Leonida -, or on our online shop , to convince yourself of the above, and tell us what your favorite is. Until then, for this period of the year predisposes most to nostalgia, we propose that you remove the melancholy supposed by this state and remember with a smile on your face the most beautiful memories you have with your grandmother.

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