Duality – a game of contrasts

It’s hard to define your style but it’s harder to stay faithful to it in times when trends assault us from all directions season after season – on television, on the internet, on the streets, in showcases.

Trends are changing at high speed, some are successful, others are not. But what will always remain behind after their passing through the spotlights are the classical garments, and the Chemistry woman knows this better than anyone else. Defined by simplicity and delicacy, she seeks to translate these features into her everyday outfits, always choosing to wear “clean” cuts and natural colours.

Two Tone Hand Knitted Sweater
Blackberry Stitch Hand Knitted Sweater
Pompom Hand Knitted Sweater

At first glance, you might think that classical style is characterized by limitations and clichés. In reality, with a little imagination, you will realize that it is a “playground” as charming as any other. We dared to “play”, and so Duality was born – a collection of garments full of contrasts, both in terms of cuts and colours: two-sided coats, two-colour dresses and sweaters (black vs. red, yellow vs. grey), coats with half collar lapel, half shawl. However, the minimalism specific to Chemistry collections transpires through each piece, and the fabrics used are 100% natural – silk and wool cloth -, to complement the simple and delicate outfits.

Double Face Shawl Lapel Coat
Two Tone A-line Wool Dress
Double Face Oversized Wool Coat

Come and visit www.chemistry-studio.com, to discover the entire Duality collection!

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