Flat shoes revolution

An old Romanian saw says that beauty implies suffering. Otherwise, this is something universally valid if we take a look at the history of fashion and beauty rituals. Over time, women have subjected themselves and continue to willingly submit to many “torture tools” (we have spent some time thinking whether or not to use quotes). The bodice, the device creating dimples on cheeks or shoes with extremely high heels are only a few of them.

Fortunately, today’s fashion is very permissive, promoting the image of a natural and relaxed woman, who has (almost) dropped out of these “tricks” and feels just as attractive with no make-up or 5 inch heels. And in terms of shoes, we have a lot of comfortable and stylish pairs to choose from. 🙂

Because summer is the perfect season for long walks and holidays, we have selected some of the most trendy (but also timeless) footwear models for you to enjoy at any time of the day.

1. Espadrilles

Stars of summer for the past few seasons, espadrilles are comfortable and extremely versatile shoes. Ideal for holiday or long walks during the summer nights, they can be worn in countless combinations. We choose jeans, shorts or chino pants, along with a sleeveless shirt or a t-shirt.

Left to right: Manebi espadrilles, Castaner espadrilles, Jimmy Choo espadrilles

2. Flat sandals

From Roman sandals, the perfect pair for a vaporous summer dress (worn at a beach party, of course), to trekking sandals – along with hippie garments or even casual or boho-chic outfits – this kind of footwear should not be missing from a modern woman’s wardrobe.

Left to right: Coca Zaboloteanu flat sandals

3. Slides

We like them most along with some 2/3 skirt pants and a simple, menswear-inspired shirt. Obviously, the possibilities of styling are countless, so we invite you to use your imagination and wear them in the most amazing combinations.

Left to right: Mercedes Castillo slippers, Brother Vellies slippers, ATP slippers

4. Sport shoes

You can wear them almost anywhere and anytime, especially if you opt for a white leather pair. Match them with a pair of jeans and a casual jacket when you go to the office or with an oversized shirt dress in any less formal environment.

Left to right: Coca Zaboloteanu sport shoes

5. Pointed toe flats

Elegant, ideal for the occasions when you want your feet to look thinner, but you’re not willing to wear heels. Mix them with a suit with pants at a garden party or with a feminine dress when you’re invited to an outdoor cocktail.

Left to right: Jimmy Choo pointed toe flats

6. Oxford shoes

We know it’s not exactly their season, but we can not overlook them. If you’ve scheduled a visit to London in the near future, put them in your luggage. For a cool look, wear them with skinny jeans, a shirt and a leather jacket. And if you don’t have already a pair of black lacquered oxford shoes, we advise you to consider such a purchase – add a menswear-inspired suit and a white shirt for a highly refined look.

Left to right: The 5th Element Oxford shoes

Starting from the above, one might write a Small Guide to Wearing Flat Shoes. There are so many variants and so many styling possibilities for each and every pair that we prefer to stop here with the recommendations so we do not miss the summer holiday. 🙂 To many comfortable shoes and sunny days!

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