Under The Sea – The Spring-Summer 2020 Chemistry Collection

Even if 2020 was a very atypical year, that doesn’t mean that we can’t dream about being under the sea and swimming through the colors of the underwaters. Therefore, we are very excited to finally invite you to follow us on a trip to the most beautiful beach you could ever imagine. Close your eyes, we promise you that this will be a lifetime experience!

Inspired by our love with the sea, this season we launched the new Chemistry Collection, “Under The Sea” Spring-Summer 2020 Collection. The vivid colors of the underwater life, like royal blue, fuchsia, lime, orange or red and the flowing fabrics like viscose and cotton combine perfectly together and create the illusion of the sun, the sand, the waves, the fish, the colors and the other forms of the marine life, that special place where every single dive is full of absolute wonder. Ultimately, “Under The Sea” Chemistry new collection celebrates the art of the dress with marine life prints and effortless silhouettes.

The patterns of the fabrics are specially created for our new collection by our dear and talented friend, Madalina Andronic. The blooming of the colors, the corals, the jellyfish, the seashells and the pretty blue watercolors washes are imagined and illustrated by her in watercolors that perfectly describe the life under the water.

All the pieces of the collection are moving gently, reminding us of the breeze which describes that perfect summer day at the beach. And we have to admit that we’re very happy that we managed to put behind all our fears for these unprecedented times and go on with our plans for launching the “Under The Sea” Spring-Summer 2020 Collection. Many thanks to our lovely community for sending us lovely messages during the lockdown and for encouraging us to go ahead with our plans. Big thanks for our team too, Vlad Andrei, the photographer, and Ana Stefanescu, our lovely model, both being very professional in shooting this very new collection  and keeping themselves safe during all the process. Without you, guys, this wouldn’t be possible!

Finally, we would be more than pleased to find out what do you think about our new pieces, which one is your favorite and also, for what special occasions would you wear one. Or, maybe, you don’t need a special occasion, but a casual day for celebrating yourself, your life, your family, friends and everything you are grateful for. So, we encourage you to go out in one of our timeless summer dresses that you’ll fall in love with and get ready for a lifetime experience that will be known forever as the most beautiful summer of all that there were.

We kindly invite you to check out the entire “Under The Sea” Chemistry collection in our shop. Also, if you want to visit us, we are more than happy to have you in our homey studio, the place where all the magic happens! For an appointment, please DM or call us, we’ll help you with all the details.

May we all have wonderful and colorful summer days!

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