Summer days through the eyes of the illustrator Madalina Andronic

Madalina Andronic is one of the most talented Romanian illustrators, currently based in Italy, the country of olive trees, focaccia and prosecco. We were super curious to find out how’s her life during this crazy year so… we asked her about the newest T-shirt collection, SOUVENIR, about the future projects and her summer days and, ultimately, about her favourite piece from Chemistry “Under The Sea” collection.

Hey, Mădă! How’s life in your beautiful Puglia?

Hi! Life is good, can’t complain!

I was recently reminded by my Instagram memories of a post I made on the same day last year and literally nothing’s changed! It said “Sunday nights are for wine and focaccia” and the only difference is that now I admit there are even more nights like that one.

I am the least suited person to ask “So, what’s new with you?”. The truth is – nothing. And it’s refreshing to say that, finally – for me it’s a great accomplishment in these times, where everyone seems to want to change something about themselves or their way of life. I’m good right where I am – professionally, personally, geographically.

Tell us about your newest summer collection, what inspired you in creating the illustrations for the T-shirts?

Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about this collection, that’s why it came out so late (I usually have it ready right after Easter). Because of the pandemic and the uncertainty that came with it, it was difficult to come up with something season-appropriate, but also situation-appropriate.

Eventually, I think the SOUVENIR collection came out just right: inspired by a Mediterranean affair, with illustrated keepsakes from a seaside vacation, to make us happy even if we can’t travel as freely as we would have wanted this summer.

It consists of 13 illustrations (lucky souvenirs, I might say) and 9 colourful T-shirts. I am not that good at math, but I think there are quite a few combinations one might choose from!

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⛵ Even though we can’t travel as freely as we’d want, it shouldn't stop us reliving and dreaming of moments, places and tiny details that make us happy in this time of year. 💙 So allow me to introduce the NEW SUMMER COLLECTION that brings a little bit closer all the things we miss from far away! 🌊🍋🦐🐚 It features 13 new gorgeous illustrations for the hot days to come – like a lucky keepsake you take home from a wonderful holiday: · a kiss under blue waters · a syrupy piece of Turkish baklava · a sleepy cat in a whitewashed alley of a Greek island · a fico d’India straight from the south of Italy · playful cherry-earrings · the sound of seagulls in the sky · lemons and spicy peperoncini · a couple of takeaway mermaids & other bits of happiness . Check out all designs of "SOUVENIR" in the link in bio. I'm looking forward to get away with you! . . #souvenir #madalinaandronic #madiandronic #tshirtcollectiom #illustratedtshirt #summervibe #summer2020 #mediterraneangetaway #seaside #pursuepretty #holiday

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Many thanks for your lovely patterns specially created for our SS2020 collection, they all look amazing! Tell us a secret (or two) about the creation process of these fabric patterns.

It was my pleasure to create these patterns for Chemistry and seeing how much women love them on their dresses brings me a lot of joy – especially when I get tagged in their Instagram photos!

I don’t think there are any secrets, as it was a very quick and straightforward collaboration – both Vera, the creator of Chemistry, and myself like a very professional approach, so the moment I received the creative brief, I knew exactly what to do – researching, painting and putting the patterns together, just like we did with the last year’s collection.

And ok, look, maybe like a “secret” personal insight – I was very nervous about the “Fish” pattern, because even though we really loved how colourful and playful it came out, with the large and bold fish all over, I feared that it may not be a popular choice for the very elegant, refined and grown-up Chemistry women, that it may come up as too childish. But Vera loved it and she knows her dear clients very well, therefore lo and behold, here we are, with the “Fish” print being extremely popular! I think it was like a breath of fresh air in these difficult times, an escapism from reality and rules.

Recently you have reached 30K followers on Insta, congratulations! Are there any coming surprises for your community?

Thank you very much! Yes, I recently reached 30K on Instagram – and although it may seem modest amongst the hundreds of K’s out there, I am so happy and grateful that my work is getting so much appreciation and the people I gathered on my Insta account are always engaging and so, so supportive. 

And yes, there is a 30K surprise: an international GIVEAWAY, where any of my followers can win a Chemistry dress from the SS2020 collection with one of my prints on it! Check @madalina_andronic to enter, everyone’s welcome!

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🎉 30K GIVEAWAY 🎉 I couldn’t be more happy, thankful and excited that we recently reached 30k followers! I know it may seem modest amongst the hundreds of K’s out there, but you are such an awesome and supportive community and you inspire me to keep painting and dreaming every day! ❤ To show you my appreciation, I want to offer you a wearable piece of art: THIS perfect summer dress from, with my illustrations on it on it! 🐚❤ How to enter: 🌸 Leave a comment on this post telling me where you’d wear this dress 🌸 Tag someone who you think would like my illustrations or this giveaway 🌸 Follow because you'll want more, for sure! . 🌍 The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY and it starts today, June 30th, and closes on Sunday, July 5th at 23:59. . I will randomly choose a winner, who will be able to pick a favourite print for her dress from the three I created for Chemistry’s SS2020 collection: the CORAL print (the one I'm wearing in the photo), the FISH print or the JELLYFISH print (see them in my feed, a few posts back). . The winner will be announced on Monday, July 6th and contacted to collect sizing & shipping information. Good luck! . . #madalinaandronic #madiandronic #giveaway #printdress #chemistrydress #chemistrytravels

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We’re super curious, how does your perfect summer day look?

To pick ONE version of the perfect summer day, I’d say getting up late, having a stracciatella & pomodori bruschetta for lunch at Taverna di Umberto in Savelletri, going out on the boat, swimming and having a frui & prosecco afternoon out at sea, then coming back and enjoying a delicious dinner in Ostuni; after that we would be taking a stroll through the winding streets while chatting away about anything in the world with my husband and ending the night with cocktails at Moonshine Chiaro di Luna – our favourite bar in Ceglie Messapica. We could do this with friends, too, so come on over! 

Ultimately, we have to ask, what is your favourite piece of the Chemistry „Under The Sea” collection?

There is no doubt here: the Coral dress, which will be a staple in my summer wardrobe for years to come. I just put it on and I’m good to go, whether it’s with sneakers or heels. Every time I’m wearing it, someone stops and asks me where it’s from – that shows again that Chemistry is doing a pretty darn good job at basically creating beautiful, show-stopping wearable ads. 🙂

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