• Crochet Panel Silk Dress crazy city Stay Romantic in this Crazy City

    This city, always in a hurry, always preoccupied, always practical and pragmatic. What do you do in this crazy city not to lose your pace, not to lose your mind, not to lose yourself? You can’t always go to remote and deserted beaches, you can’t always climb the mountains and seek for the green valleys. […]

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  • Stylish Jumpsuit Stylish in a Jumpsuit

    During the hot summer days, you need to wear a fun versatile clothing piece that you can easily dress.  So…why not to choose a jumpsuit? You can wear it with confidence anytime you desire and you will look effortlessly cool. When it comes to jumpsuits, you have a lot of options to choose from just […]

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  • Lovely Pastels

    There is no better way to lighten your wardrobe with these delicate colors: blush pink, tranquil blue hues, mint green, lemon, light orange, lilac. From the clothes to the shoes and bags, we will see lots of soft hues during this spring summer season. Here are some tips and tricks for a stylish look for […]

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  • When in Venice When in Venice …

    … rumble the streets, enjoy the sun, visit museums, don’t diet, eat ice cream, dine in a fine restaurant, take pictures, wear a dress that you like, feel beautiful. I’ve visited Venice for several times. Each time I had something on the agenda, a museum I’ve missed the previous time, a special exhibition, an island that I’ve never reached. And each time I’ve [...] Continue Reading
  • Palazzo pants comfortable stylish Comfortable Palazzo Pants

    Palazzo pants are very trendy during this season, being very elegant and comfortable at the same time.  Inspired by the men’s fashion, they were very popular back in the 60’s and 70’s.  From the catwalk to the street fashion, you can find them in a wide range of combinations. You see them at the office, […]

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